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Must have books this month: Get your pitch down with The Pocket Pitching Bible. Irish Tatler

As a ghostwriter focusing on writing books that my clients use to promote their service businesses, I highly recommend working with Christopher Greenaway at CGW Publishing, who understands how to effectively promote business books better than most; for example, a recent client, published by CGW, found his book at the top of UK's most recommended list.

Martin Smith, Professional Writer

A skillful mix of psychology, art, method and sheer experience to help win any pitch.

Dr Ayan Panja, Presenter of BBC TV's The Health Show and Street Doctor

This is another exceptional book by an exceptional author, trainer and consultant.

Jeff Zadzilka, NLP Certified Master Practitioner

Every trainer's handbook. I recommend it to those who are open minded and eager to learn more for their benefit and of others.

Joan E. Rhodes

The CGW team's focus, creativity and service business expertise has resulted in The Pitching Bible gliding gracefully up the Amazon charts. I highly recommend CGW Publishing.

Paul Boross, The Pitch Doctor & author of The Pitching Bible

What a lovely book, so touching, amazing, informative, heartwarming and with a touch of sadness, but what a wonderful outcome, and also a brilliant read very well written by the Thompsons,I loved the way it gives his and hers points of view I couldn't put it down will recommend it to all my friends. A Wonderful read. Can't wait for the sequel!!

Gilly Sage

Page after page, I rediscover ideas from a completely new perspective. I highly recommend it. 

Jeff Ford, Director of Programmes, Channel FIVE

This book is full of practical and proven lean manufacturing principles and techniques. Bill's "Back to Basics" approach to lean manufacturing implementation is easy to understand and provides the foundation for a successful lean manufacturing transformation. Many companies in the process of Lean Manufacturing implementation will find an easy tool in this book.

Enrique Mora

After hearing positive remarks about this book through repeated mentions on various forums, blogs, etc., I made the purchase.

Peter Freeth has a clear writing style that feels like a relaxed conversation between the author and reader. The chapters aren't filled with unnecessary dialogue in an attempt to be overly complex. The material is very thorough, well structured and clear...and the exercises included are relevant to the material presented in the prior chapter. Hard to put down.

With about 20 NLP books on my "shelf", this is one I wish I had purchased earlier in the game.