Writing your book is just the first step in the journey, and book sales depend on readers knowing about your book and wanting to find out more by buying it.


We promote every book that we publish wherever we can, and we also have some options for authors who want to give their book - and their business - an extra publicity boost.

For every book that we publish, we:

  1. Write and distribute a press release to announce the book's launch
  2. Announce the book on our blog which is syndicated to other blog sites and directories
  3. Give the author ongoing advice and support about marketing their book and their business
  4. Seek out opportunities to promote the book on other sites, in the mainstream media and via social media
  5. Target relevant industry magazines for reviews and feature articles

Marketing a book and establishing a solid readership can be a long road, and some authors prefer to take a short cut with our PR packages.

Extended Campaign

Cost: £2,000

With this 12 week campaign we:

  1. Create multiple angles to promote the book
  2. Write 2 press releases – 1 for radio and TV interviews, 1 for the press
  3. Draw up extensive media lists
  4. Pitch to the target media
  5. Liaise with journalists to set up interviews, extracts, reviews and reader offers
  6. Follow up any review copy requests
  7. Monitor the media for 3 months

Short Campaign

Cost: £1,300

In this 6 week campaign we:

  1. Identify the best angle to promote the book
  2. Write an engaging book release
  3. Draw up an extensive media list
  4. Pitch to the target media
  5. Liaise with journalists to set up interviews and extracts, reviews and reader offers
  6. Follow up any review copy requests within the duration of the campaign
  7. Compile a full report at the end of the campaign including handover of ongoing media interest


Cost: £450

In this DIY campaign, we:

  1. Write your press release
  2. Send you the release along with a list of at least 20 named media contacts in regional & national media
  3. Provide advice to help you send your release and follow up
  4. Budget PR Boost

Cost: £750

In this 2 week campaign we:

  1. Write press Release with 1 round of amends
  2. Send to your target media (at least 50 media outlets)
  3. Work with you to create a list of suggested article titles for by-lined articles
  4. Pitch the release to the media
  5. Pitch your suggested by-lined articles to the media
  6. Compile list of review copies, by-lined article requests, interviews
  7. At the end of the two weeks, we will pass on the details of the journalists who have requested review copies/interviews and articles so you can submit and follow up



Job hunting is not what it used to be and you need to keep up to date if you want to have the best chance of getting the job you want. This is a great little book...lots of practical advice and tips a must for anyone looking for a job ....very current, highly recommend it! You could even have it with you while you are waiting to be interviewed, all the advice is short, sweet and to the point!

Brian Colbert

A wealth of new insights and ideas, Change Magic represents a different approach so that you can take away your own unique interpretations and apply them into the real world of organisational change.

Peter Harty, MD, Innervision Performance Coaching

CGW Publishing have been professional and thorough, delivering a quality product quickly and efficiently. They saved us months of work in understanding the many mysteries around getting a book ready for print, going above and beyond in the graphics work, proofing editing and both text and eBook formatting. We remain very grateful to them for all their hard work.

Ronna Smithrim & Christopher Oliphant, authors of Accepting the Radical

I have seen Paul Boross in action and marvelled at the effect his presentation techniques have on an audience. His book, The Pitching Bible, in a simple, straightforward way makes one think hard about the art of presenting; it isn't just a matter of standing up and doing it. Mr Boross explains in crystal clear terms the dynamics between Presenter and Audience and how the presenter, you, can Seize The Day. If Presenting or Pitching fills you with fear and loathing but you've got to do it, or you just want techniques on how to improve your already sparkling performance, this is the book for you. Highly recommended.

Stephen Price, Writer, Broadcaster and Media Strategist

A master class in verbal communication. The Daily Express

The CGW team's focus, creativity and service business expertise has resulted in The Pitching Bible gliding gracefully up the Amazon charts. I highly recommend CGW Publishing.

Paul Boross, The Pitch Doctor & author of The Pitching Bible

Humorous and accessible - This book explains clearly how modelling can help you identify the difference that makes the difference. Really useful in a business context when what creates high performance can be counter intuitive or difficult to quantify. The author gives real examples from his consultancy experience to illustrate how NLP can have a positive impact in practice.

Catherine Noel, L&D Manager, Canon UK

I have a large library of NLP books and find most of them repeating the same things over and over with slight differences. Your book, however, presents the information in a fresh and new way of writing that brings back the excitement of learning NLP modelling and applications. I have seldom been WOWed by NLP books after I attended the Master Prac Track of training other than the Turtles All the Way Down book by Grinder and DeLozier. Your Master Prac book has been full of one AHA after another. Your explanations are more effective and instructional than any others I've read .... and I've read most of them. I know of no NLP organization that has expressed such a thorough knowledge and been able to adequately express it as you have.This is another exceptional book by an exceptional author, trainer and consultant.

Jeff Zadzilka, NLP Certified Master Practitioner (Classic & New Code), Copywriter for the Self-Help & Training Industry, Former Course Developer & Training Professional

Paul Boross' Pitching Bible is a must for entrepreneurs. Crammed full of useful tactics to maximise communication and the psychology involved in the successful pitch, it's a confidence booster and an entertaining read too.

Trish Gant

Jaw-droppingly simple but fabulously effective. Time Out