Writing your book is just the first step in the journey, and book sales depend on readers knowing about your book and wanting to find out more by buying it.


We promote every book that we publish wherever we can, and we also have some options for authors who want to give their book - and their business - an extra publicity boost.

For every book that we publish, we:

  1. Write and distribute a press release to announce the book's launch
  2. Announce the book on our blog which is syndicated to other blog sites and directories
  3. Give the author ongoing advice and support about marketing their book and their business
  4. Seek out opportunities to promote the book on other sites, in the mainstream media and via social media
  5. Target relevant industry magazines for reviews and feature articles

Marketing a book and establishing a solid readership can be a long road, and some authors prefer to take a short cut with our PR packages.

Extended Campaign

Cost: £2,000

With this 12 week campaign we:

  1. Create multiple angles to promote the book
  2. Write 2 press releases – 1 for radio and TV interviews, 1 for the press
  3. Draw up extensive media lists
  4. Pitch to the target media
  5. Liaise with journalists to set up interviews, extracts, reviews and reader offers
  6. Follow up any review copy requests
  7. Monitor the media for 3 months

Short Campaign

Cost: £1,300

In this 6 week campaign we:

  1. Identify the best angle to promote the book
  2. Write an engaging book release
  3. Draw up an extensive media list
  4. Pitch to the target media
  5. Liaise with journalists to set up interviews and extracts, reviews and reader offers
  6. Follow up any review copy requests within the duration of the campaign
  7. Compile a full report at the end of the campaign including handover of ongoing media interest


Cost: £450

In this DIY campaign, we:

  1. Write your press release
  2. Send you the release along with a list of at least 20 named media contacts in regional & national media
  3. Provide advice to help you send your release and follow up
  4. Budget PR Boost

Cost: £750

In this 2 week campaign we:

  1. Write press Release with 1 round of amends
  2. Send to your target media (at least 50 media outlets)
  3. Work with you to create a list of suggested article titles for by-lined articles
  4. Pitch the release to the media
  5. Pitch your suggested by-lined articles to the media
  6. Compile list of review copies, by-lined article requests, interviews
  7. At the end of the two weeks, we will pass on the details of the journalists who have requested review copies/interviews and articles so you can submit and follow up



There are few books that help you maximize your company's resources to the fullest. Genius At Work tells you, step by step, what it takes to harness the intelligence of individuals, and disperse and install that intelligence throughout an entire organization. The chapter on modelling gives you specific techniques for replicating high performance, while learning about "metaprograms" will fill your toolbox with valuable insights on how you and your team process information. Highly Recommended!

Paul Colaianni

I have seen Paul Boross in action and marvelled at the effect his presentation techniques have on an audience. His book, The Pitching Bible, in a simple, straightforward way makes one think hard about the art of presenting; it isn't just a matter of standing up and doing it. Mr Boross explains in crystal clear terms the dynamics between Presenter and Audience and how the presenter, you, can Seize The Day. If Presenting or Pitching fills you with fear and loathing but you've got to do it, or you just want techniques on how to improve your already sparkling performance, this is the book for you. Highly recommended.

Stephen Price, Writer, Broadcaster and Media Strategist

This book is full of practical and proven lean manufacturing principles and techniques. Bill's "Back to Basics" approach to lean manufacturing implementation is easy to understand and provides the foundation for a successful lean manufacturing transformation. Many companies in the process of Lean Manufacturing implementation will find an easy tool in this book.

Enrique Mora

Coaching Excellence - A straightforward, no holds barred guide to the steps to coaching mastery. As well as boiling down the real keys to an effective coaching session, it also explores the behaviours that coaches sometimes have that hold them back from making a real difference. A powerful read from start to finish, and a book that I'm revisiting constantly to help refine my skills and push through the fear, whoever's fear it happens to be.

Matt Hatson

Jaw-droppingly simple but fabulously effective. Time Out

If you've written a book to promote your service business, you can do no better than CGW Publishing, a firm that caters to the business and book market worldwide and produces results.

Martin Smith, Professional Writer

Job hunting is not what it used to be and you need to keep up to date if you want to have the best chance of getting the job you want. This is a great little book...lots of practical advice and tips a must for anyone looking for a job ....very current, highly recommend it! You could even have it with you while you are waiting to be interviewed, all the advice is short, sweet and to the point!

Brian Colbert

This thought provoking book challenges leaders to think and take action if they are to improve the offering and performance of their organisation: their brand. The Business Cohesion Model should be read and acted on by every Chief Executive and their senior leadership teams.

Howard Betts, Owner ‘Executive Development’, Co-Founder Centre for Leadership Studies at Exeter University.

This is the first book by Peter Freeth I've read on NLP Practitioner Level Skill Development. As a 20 year plus student and coach of NLP, I give my full recommendation to others interested in the subject to buy this NLP manual now. I've been through dozens of NLP workshops with some of the top trainers and have my Master Practitioner Certification in Classic and New Code NLP. Peter Freeth takes the subject of NLP to a whole new level with new and refreshing insight and coaching of NLP skills. If you've got your certification, buy this book not only as a reference manual, but to fill in the gaps of learning you didn't even know existed. If you're not at the certification level yet, buy this book now. You will learn as much about NLP as is possible by reading and re-reading this book as you would from anything else published on the topic. Based on what I've read of Peter Freeth's writing on the subject of NLP, I would highly recommend his live certification training or any other NLP training he may offer. He is the real thing when it comes to coaching others in NLP Skill Development. Buy this book ... Five Stars!

Jeff Zadzilka

Peter's fine and nuanced way of delivering background knowledge, comparison, experience and explanations on how to measure e.g. human performance stimulates my mind to further understand myself and others in order to excel human behaviour and talent. It is indeed a very exciting and must have read when you work with people and organisations.

Sharing knowledge this detailed requires a person with a high degree of authenticity and such an open mind. It will thus require for me to also share.

Genius at Work is a huge step on my personal learning curve, and I have already excelled on my Master NLP modelling skills.

Rene Reinar Svendsen "Reinar"