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Book of the Month


Paul Boross and Scott Quinnell have teamed up to combine their expertise in rugby and leadership to produce their latest book, complete with a foreword by renowned rugby manager Sir Clive Woodward. 

Leader on the Pitch brings the wisdom of the game of rugby into the business world with expert guidance from rugby legend Scott Quinnell and TV psychologist Paul Boross.

RUGBY AND LEADERSHIP? You’re probably thinking about goals, team work, winning, that kind of thing. But look again and you’ll see a game where any mistake is painful, even deadly, and if you want to achieve success, you have to pick yourself up off the floor. And then pick yourself up again. And again. That’s all true for Rugby too.

Leadership is a full contact sport. You have to get in there and get your hands on the ball, and you risk getting hurt, every time you go out onto the pitch. And if, through the lessons that Scott and Paul share in this book, you can learn to clear your mind of distractions, focus on what you really want and keep picking yourself up, you’ll be the Leader on the Pitch.