Here's a full list of where our ebooks are sold.

Many authors dream of walking into their local book shop and seeing their own book for sale on its shelves.

Here's a list of common publishing words and phrases so that you can understand some of the jargon used in the industry. 

Self publishing is becoming easily accessible through services such as Lulu and CreateSpace, and can offer a viable route to market for some authors.

Learn about copyright, book profits and royalty payments.

How do channels to market for books work?

Understanding how the publishing industry works.

Are you an author with a manuscript to submit?

We've found that the number of new submissions coming from authors is increasing steadily. This is good news for readers, because more authors are wanting to share their expertise and wisdom.

This page will give you submission guidelines and other helpful information.

Are you a student looking for work experience or an internship in publishing?

Why would you want to write and publish a book anyway?

Sorry, there aren't any.

Credibility is the single most important thing that a service business needs in order to succeed.

A book not only impresses potential clients, it is also a unique way to package the intellectual property that is the foundation of your business.